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Our camping site Parth is located right in the heart of Carinthia, right on the sunny south shore of Lake Ossiach. A holiday paradise where you can make your holiday as you wish,In addition to the varied leisure activities on the Ossiacher See, the excursion destinations throughout Carinthia guarantee variety every dayAnd adventure for the whole family – and with the Kärnten Card the whole fun is easy to afford. On request, our guests can also receive the Erlebnis card of our region – your ticket to a huge variety of activities.


A camping trip is part of the experience of people just do it. Especially for young people and children is a camping holiday a great and adventurous experience. If you are not yet able to make up your mind, here you can find good reasons why you should tents.

1. Camping will help you to escape the hectic city life. In a camping holiday you can easily actually just relax and do nothing. If the tent is only once, you need not to have to worry as your next meal.

2. Discover your love of nature. For city people the beauty of nature is under a bit. When camping you learn directly in nature and can, to enjoy them.

3. Spend more time with friends and family. Whether you are going camping with friends or with your children, the camping holiday brings you all closer together.

4. Enjoy cooking and outdoor grilling. Cooking on the camp stove or grill is a nice change, when all can help and the work remains not only depend on a.

5. Since life in the tent is so different from home, you can learn a lot of new experiences and collect.

6. A bonus for pets. In our campsites Pets are allowed. So the Camping is therefore truly a holiday for the whole family.

7. Last but not least a camping holiday is also very reasonably priced. Who is the camping friend, can often go on short trips times, because that can afford almost everyone.


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